Thursday, April 7, 2011

Damsel in Distress

So in our yard we experience sun from 10AM until 8PM in the spring and summer, it's crazy hot out there! My first summer in this house I melted a pair of addidas flip flops on the metal strip for the door that they were resting against.

By last summer we had 3 umbrellas outback that we used to try and hide the kids from the sun. I looked into getting an awning but the kind I like (the old aluminum ones) are not within our budget. I looked at Sunsetters but not only do they get attached to your have to do the attaching, scary! We have had so many structural problems with our house already, so that idea was out for sure. So sad because I spent a lot of time looking at all the fun pictures they had and all of the color choices...not to mention the $200 coupon we got!

So I was sure it was going to be another hot umbrella summer for us in the yard. I couldn't help but look at the Sunsetter website one more time just in case I could find someone that would install it for us onto our siding. If you knew of all the leaking problems we have already sufferred through you would probably want a professional to do the work too!

That's when the heavens opened up and decidied to throw me a bone...they have a free standing Sunsetter now called the inviting does that sound? I was so excited! I picked a color which was way harder than it needed to be and ordered it right away! We got a complimentary awning cover:) and $200.00 off for ordering before June!

They said it would take up to 4 weeks to deliver which is great for me because that's when Desmond's class is over and he can actually help me put it together...I am not so good with reading directions:) Only it came in one week...AHHH!

I got her yesterday all 190pounds of her (really it says it on the invoice). I couldn't believe it. I had to lie to the UPS guy...he asked me if I knew they don't carry it up seriously I have fours steps, help a sista out!  So I had to make my big blue eyes a little bigger and use my damsel in distress voice...I even threw in a little competition to seal the deal, take a lesson.

BIG MAN VOICE "did they tell you that we don't carry these things up the steps?" actual answer in my head "Crap well technically no one told me but the website said you were only responsible for curbside delivery" actual answer with big eyes and in my damsel voice "No one said anything about the actual delivery except to confirm a time...that's fine though you can leave it in the driveway my husband will be home in an hour and I am sure he can GET IT UP the steps with no problem".

First of all Desmond was not coming home until 10PM at the earliest seocndly the voice counts for a lot and then I sparked his need to prove that he was not leaving it the driveway because he could not physically GET IT UP. lol!!!

I had to have lost my mind...if he left this thing in the driveway I was screwed big time. He came to the door as I was leaving to get Molly from school I would have to leave it there until I got back running the risk of someone else getting a Sunsetter instead of um "local citizens" steal everything from my house. I can't really bring myself to call them neighbors because they are not neighborly at all!

So he turns to go to the truck (really nice guy by the way not like rude or anything) gets the handtruck out and comes back with the first box...which seemed pretty light and small when I saw the second "box" it was like a big long drum. It's like nothing  have ever seen before. It's 12 feet long and like 2 feet around and it's a cylinder which makes for interesting maneuvers. It rolls back and forth and you can't control it at all. But the seed of competition I planted worked like a charm and the guy brought it up the steps for me! I did have to help drag it at one point because he was going to be pushed back down the steps but it was great!

As soon as he left I drug the ole girl into the house so that the local citizens wouldn't get any ideas. Later I pushed half of her out the back door because I can't fit an extra 12 feet of anything in my living room!  Now I just have to figure out how to get her up and functioning! Desmond can't help until the 16th...that's not going to work for me because I am a freak about things like this and there is no way a box of that size is going to live in my yard until the 16th. So hopefully I can get most of it ready and get him to donate an hour to do all of the things that require two people. Maybe my big eyes and damsel voice will work on him too...fingers crossed!

Wish me luck!


  1. I can help anytime. Let me know. I am mostly free on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Weekends. Call me.

  2. I just finished like 30 minutes ago...check out the new blog. It was so easy! I wanted to put the box in the trash, tomorrow is trash day, that was my real where the F do you store a 12 foot box for a week waiting for the trash?